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How to come up with Reel ideas

Jan 7, 2022 11:22:56 PM / by Byter Team posted in Marketing, Content Creation


Reels are a relatively new feature on Instagram, installed on the platform in the middle of 2020. They were inspired by the 15 to 30-second videos created on TikTok.

Why are reel posts good for your Instagram strategy? Because reels are relatively new, Instagram wants to encourage users to actually use the new feature, which has altered the Instagram algorithm. This means if you make reels, Instagram will show them to more people, instead of throttling the reach, like a standard post.

So reels are great, but the problem is how do you regularly come up with Reel ideas? In this article, we have listed 3 reel ideas that you can use in your future posts! 

Using audio to create a trending/ viral reel

Reels are similar to TikTok. Creators can create audio and share it with their audiences. They are shared, reshared and used many times, especially when videos go viral. The Instagram algorithm recognises the audio and features videos with the trending audio. It is the best way to get more views for content creators.

As a small content creator, all you have to do is save the audio and repeat the trend. Do not search for trends, find content that is useful and save it.

When you have enough audio saved, you will have a database of tracks to use for inspiration. Compare this to other creators and check what they have done with that audio and tailor this to your audience. This strategy allows you to create original content for your online presence but also keep in trend. 

Time-lapse video reels

What is a time-lapse video? Time-lapses is creative filming and video editing technique that manipulates how frame rate is captured. Frame rate is the number of images or frames, that appear in a second of video. In most videos, the frame rate and playback speed are the same. In a time-lapse video, the frame rate is stretched out far more: when played back at average speed, time appears to be speeded up.

Time-lapses can be an interesting reel to create if you are trying to show the process of something in a short time span. Remember, reels are only 15 to 30 seconds long. Keep things interesting by showcasing short and entertaining videos. 

Reels, TikTok’s and short videos have become increasingly popular because of how quick and easy it is to consume content, most consumers attention span has decreased dramatically and therefore social platforms have opted to make shorter and more entertaining videos. 

Short Vlogs

Short vlogs are popular on Instagram reels. However, it is a challenge with the limited to 15- 30 seconds of video time. 

All you need is to take a few very short clips or photos of your day as you go, and at the end of the day string them together with popular audio and ta-dah! Instant reel! You can do a voice-over, or simply text, or text to speech. It is a growing phenomenon on TikTok, micro vlogs of a person’s day. It is fast-paced, easy to make look exciting, and you do not need to actually show all of yourself, or even talk to the camera. if you are not able to film all throughout your day, you could simply capture specific moments that you think might look good, like if you went to get coffee, or went to a park over lunch, simply capture a 15 second shot of it

On Instagram, people want aesthetically pleasing videos. Instagram is the platform for impossible beauty standards, but also a shallow appearance of authenticity.  So keep in mind when you make your videos the word “aesthetic”. Put a good filter, film the most visually interesting part of your day. Catch a sunbeam on your coffee mug. Zoom in on some flowers. But remember above all, the more you do them, even if they suck at first, you will end up being a genius at reels. 

What’s your favourite tip for content inspiration?

Good luck! And reel them in

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Brand control is an illusion! 

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Jan 7, 2022 11:02:53 PM / by Byter Team posted in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation


Brainstorming is a creative method for generating innovative ideas, sharing knowledge, and ongoing collaboration to solve problems. It is an intellectual activity, but not solely a group activity.

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Jan 7, 2022 11:01:29 PM / by Byter Team posted in Digital Marketing, Marketing, Content Creation, Sales and marketing


As a Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency in London, we believe that you should be able to make the most out of your Instagram business. So, reposting on Instagram is an easy and beneficial tool for building brand recognition and promotion, acquiring new clientele, and illuminating your brand values. Give your Instagram that Byter touch, and watch the magic come to you.

Instagram is special. Instagram is different. Most social media feeds are almost frustratingly busy, snowed under a cacophony of noise. Fortunately, Instagram is unique since you can only look at one post at a time. The straightforward and flawless interface makes it too easy to focus on users’ aesthetically pleasing photography and captivating videos. Byter is giving you the marketing tools to bring your Instagram and social media presence to the next level. Now it’s time to hold onto your hat and prepare yourself for the five simple steps on how to repost on Instagram.

We have carefully and meticulously tested four different ways to manage and manifest your Instagram marketing strategies. This can be done via three apps: Repost for Insta, Instarepost, and DownloadGram. These can be downloaded from the IOS store or Google Play.

Disclaimer: Pursuant to Instagram’s Terms of Use, you must first reach out to the Instagram user whose content you want to reproduce and obtain written permission to do so. This is applicable to any Instagram app you decide to use today. You can do this by commenting on the image and asking, or by sending them an Instagram Direct Message (DM). The DM’s can be accessed by tapping the paper airplane icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

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Twitter fame and verification can bring you many benefits as a company. Having a big following on Twitter can allow you to communicate with your customers in a more convenient fashion. It can also help with brand legitimacy, as the bigger your following the more you look like you know what you are doing. Having an interesting Twitter account can also help increase your customer base or just general brand awareness, as you might attract customers who would not normally interact with you. For businesses who have dedicated themselves to a particular cause, social media, especially Twitter, is one of the best places to be.

So, you have decided you want to start on Twitter. How do you go about growing your following?

1- Interact with others

When trying to figure out how to get popular on Twitter, remember it’s all about growing that audience connection. Don’t just publish a Tweet and go ghost. Follow other influential people in your industry. Retweet posts from influencers. Reply to your customers. When your Twitter presence becomes conversational, you’ll increase engagement and grow your follower base. You can also post tweets that encourage responses, like asking customers to tell you their experiences, or little polls or other such things. People like talking about themselves, and if you give them a little prompt will quite happily interact with you. You must remember to answer as many of these as you can in an engaging manner.

2- Share relevant content

Make sure to share content that your audience is actually interested in, whether that’s Tweeting about sales, product tutorials, or current events. Always remember to stay on brand. Twitter has an analytics page that gives you general feedback like Instagram does, so that may help your understanding of your audience. Again like Instagram, look at the hashtags for inspiration. Twitter has a news and trending section. When you type in certain hashtags in your posts twitter will suggest to you hashtags and also tell you their popularity. If you can attach yourself to current events or trends then you have a higher chance of getting seen. Of course, you must be aware, Twitter controls the trending tab to a certain extent And they will also often put new stories first into many current events hashtags. 

3- Post visual content

Unless you are really good at outrageous hot takes, images and videos work best as a way of making people notice you and engage. Humans are very visual creatures, and especially with the success of platforms like TikTok the importance of moving content has been fully illustrated. Twitter is designed for text, that is true, but images make you more visually striking. 

4- Tweet consistently

On Twitter, any given timeline is constantly changing. The average tweet has a life of 24 minutes.  So make sure to post often to keep your Tweets at the top of the most recent section.  Create a content calendar so you can plan ahead of time to keep consistent. Or simply drink a lot of coffee and let her fly. Again, remember, be on-brand. Do not tweet about unrelated topics unless you feel very strongly that it will add to your brand

5- Count on micro-influencers

Micro-influencers also fall into the interaction section of your plan. Micro-influencers are social media creators who fall inside the 3,000-100,000 followers bracket.  They are still influential and often have a more approachable and legitimate image than the giant influencers. This is because the big influencers are often very manicured in their presentation so keep that in mind when you come to advertise with influencers. If you can work with a few micro-influencers this will definitely help you grow your follower account

6- Share your Twitter account on other channels

Chances are you also have a large business presence outside of social media. Use that to your advantage. Add your Twitter link to the bottom of your email signatures, to your website, and even to your physical business cards. When you give your customers one more way to find you, you’ll communicate that you’ve got their back, even outside of the store. 

7- Hot takes

And lastly, Twitter is known for its hot takes and drama. So if your following is not growing to your satisfaction, you can always post something controversial. Or if you can’t come up with your own hot takes, simply join in on the latest public denouncing circle. This will get you noticed and allow you to signal that your brand has its finger on the pulse of current events.

Remember kids, Twitter can be quite a toxic place, so if you are running your own social media, remember to take breaks. And if you feel like your mental health is affected by it, remember that’s how Twitter works.

if you want more mildly humorous tips on how to grow your brands check out our other blogs 

Good luck twittering

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How to handle negative comments as a brand.

Jan 7, 2022 10:57:48 PM / by Byter Team posted in Insider, Social Media, Content Creation

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Now of course we all know that as a brand your entire existence depends on how positive customers view you. Your brand’s literal job is to make people want to buy from you. So a negative comment on a public forum can be very not good. 

A whole lot of negative comments are even worse.

Dealing with negative comments and feedback on social media is something a lot of brands misunderstand. 

Most Companies traditionally do not hear from happy customers very often or even hear from customers generally. So, if companies suddenly start getting a lot of people complaining, seemingly about the same issue (in a very public setting), companies will think it must be a very serious issue. This can often be not the case. For example, if you exist on Twitter or god forbid Tumblr. (why would you do that to yourself) for any amount of time you become aware, that is part of the platform’s culture to dogpile and spam attack for the smallest and stupidest of reasons.

Dealing with negative comments brings up the interesting dichotomy that now exists due to modern internet culture. This dichotomy is: to apologize or not to apologize.

The internet is full of tearful videos and statements from creators and brands apologizing for something or other. These apologies are for all things from awkward miss management of PR, to broken products, to the latest huge harassment scandal from say .. Blizzard Entertainment. In fact, apologizing is a whole industry, one apology video can spawn 500 analysis videos and keep the news cycle busy for a good few weeks. 

The most common sentiment among internet users these days is that apology videos mean nothing. They are just some fun sideshow to watch as the person apologizing goes down in flames. 

This is due to the repeated and provable insincerity of the apologies. I.e James Charles. Cough.

So, when your brand gets negative comments how do you handle it? 

I suggest the following. 

The first thing you have to do is be able to tell the difference between an actually unhappy client and someone just being annoying. The internet is a wide and amazing thing and is full of all of humanity. There are accounts dedicated to tweeting at the president of America photos of feet. There are accounts that will make haikus out of your comments if they fit a certain format.

So the reason why being able to tell apart legitimate complaints, and one dude with five email accounts and a grudge, is important as each circumstance has a completely different handling style, and have completely different outcomes for your brand

So the normal, standard, in theory, polite way of handling legitimate complaints and small negative comments are as follows:

  • Don’t ignore the negative comments, reply as soon as you see them/ are able to
  • Be polite, self-explanatory
  • Personalize your message, respond to the actual individual issue, do not send out a general corporate message
  • Explain yourself, you want your explanation in writing
  • Learn from your mistakes, don’t do it again?
  • Don’t make false promises, you will get caught ou and this will show you are insincere 
  • Take it out of the spotlight, maybe thank them in the comments, and then request they move to DMs as opposed to doing the whole thing in the comments?
  • Generate positive comments   <- be careful of the timing this last one there has been some embarrassing results when done wrong

If the customer has a legitimate complaint then deal with it like a decent human being. All of the steps above are just that. 


The Second more interesting issue is dealing with negative comments that are not legitimate. These can be from anything from special interest harassment campaigns to just one person with seven bots. These can be from people who have misread one tweet and are now convinced that your small cupcake company is stealing pet cats. Or they can just be very bored people who want attention and free stuff. Or, worse, a combination of all three.

In these situations, apologies will not help you, in fact, they are often viewed as signs of weakness or admission of guilt and in the long run, will make your situation so much worse.

Often if you are being dogpiled for something that you are quite sure isn’t something bad, the only real option is to batten down your hatches, and ride out the storm. These will classically only be very bad for maybe a week until something else pops up and the mob moves on.

If you attempt to apologize to that kind of mob, your apology will never be enough for the angry responders. This is because they have already made up their mind about you, nothing you can say will change this. Your apology is an admission of guilt. So the best you can do is double down and stick to your guns until the other party gets bored. That way the followers who do believe you are not in the wrong will feel vindicated that you didn’t bow down and will keep following you. 

If you apologize you lose the support of your side and do NOT gain the support of the other side. So you are stuck between a roc kand a hard place

Lastly, you must remember that good old Marketing saying: all publicity is good publicity. 

If you want more slightly humorous takes on branding in the modern climate of social media, check out our other blogs

Hopefully, you never end up on the receiving end of an internet mob. We believe in you!

Have fun!

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5 Tips To Improve Your Instagram Ranking

Jan 7, 2022 10:57:02 PM / by Byter Team posted in Social Media, Content Creation


People will weep and complain that the algorithm is throttling them etc etc, without actually knowing if the algorithm is actually doing that. The one advantage of this obscurity is that it is incredibly hard to game the system. No one actually knows what they are doing.  No one can tell you exactly, for sure, a step-by-step successful strategy for Instagram.  There are as many different strategies as there are users.

But, despite saying this, there are some things that will always help your Instagram page grow consistently.

1- Use carousel posts 

Carousel posts are simply posts that have more than one image in them, users swipe left to see them. You can put up to 10 images now. These posts are great for driving engagement, as users spend more time on them as they have more to see, and also they need to tap the photo to see what is next.

According to Hootsuite, carrousel posts drive 3x the engagement and 1.4x the reach of other post types.


2- Put Instagram story stickers

Instagram stories have a wide variety of interactive stickers you can use. these stickers range from polls, questions, sliders, to time stamps, countdowns.  These stickers are a fun, engaging, and awesome way to get feedback from your target audience. 

If your audience interacts with your stories this tells the Instagram algorithm that manages who sees your content that they are worth showing to more people  


3- Pay attention to hashtags 

Hashtags are primarily used for post categorisation. Swap your hashtags around regularly to make sure that they match the content of your post. There is currently a debate going on about whether using the full set of 30 hashtags or only using a few is the most successful. If you use all 30 hashtags then your post will pop up in the recent under more categories. But then there is a rumor that the algorithm punishes the use of all 30 hashtags with less reach. This last assumption is neither confirmed nor denied so do with that as you will.


4- Interact with members of your community online

When you tap on a hashtag Instagram will take you to all the other posts under that hashtag. If you look at the top posts section they will all have a lot of likes and will probably be from already successful accounts. If you go to the recent section you will get the most recent sets of posts regardless of the size of the account. Interact with those posts in a positive manner and you are more likely to get known in the community and that interaction will mean more people will come back to check out your account.

5- Check Instagram Analytics 

under the Instagram insights tab you can see rough statistics about your audience. This can help you understand which of your posts performs best and what type of content your followers enjoy seeing from you. Of course, being exactly accurate about what posts do best can be a little difficult since the data is quite simple, but it can help you point in the right direction


Instagram purposely keeps its algorithms a secret so as to prevent anyone from gaming the system. Because of this, no one can give you a surefire, exact step-by-step way to grow your accounts. There are simply methods that have been tested and over time have bought slow-burn success.

Remember kids, people promising you instant overnight social media success are the same people selling the overpriced courses. The only real way, apart from the lucky ones, is to turn up every day with something of value to give your audience.

Good luck fellow plodders!

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New Instagram Monetization features for creators

Jan 7, 2022 10:56:17 PM / by Byter Team posted in Social Media, Content Creation, Copywriting


Instagram is attempting to monetize itself in a similar way to youtube, by creating its own version of the partnership program. Interestingly, Instagram and Facebook are rolling out new and innovative ways in which creators can monetize their content, all while throttling the organic reach any new creators or small accounts will get.

Until recently Instagram has relied on basic advertising for revenue, but they are attempting to make the monetization all-pervasive to incentivize users to remain on the platform longer. Many of these rollouts will benefit already established big creators but will not really help smaller beginner creators. But despite this facebook held their first Creator week declaring the importance of creators to the platform and their promise to support them.

So below is a summary of the latest Instagram features for monetization

  1. Instagram Affiliate Tool

One of the major launches is the news that Instagram is beginning to roll out a native affiliate tool. This new tool will enable creators to discover new products available for purchase in the app, then share them with their followers and earn commissions for any subsequent purchases that they drive.

The new process will enable eligible creators to choose from products available in the app to add to their posts. And if users tap through on their post, and go on to make a purchase, the creator will get a commission – so it’s essentially an influencer marketing process without the creator having to do any of the negotiation or leg-work to put the incentive deal in place.

The keyword is “eligible”. Of course, Instagram will not allow any old creator to enter into affiliate partnerships, as that might result in some embarrassing situations. But Instagram has not specified what makes you eligible yet. It will very likely be some kind of combination of follower count and verification or something like Twitter. 


The affiliated content will have a special ‘eligible for commission’ tag so the potential buyers can know that by purchasing that product they also support their favorite creator.

Currently, this tool is tested with US-based creators such as Kopari, Benefit, MAC, Pat McGrath Labs, and Sephora and it is planned to expand to more creators in the future. 


  1. Creators Instagram Shops 

The beginnings of the shopping tools on Instagram date back 2 years ago when they first introduce Instagram Checkout and after a few iterations and rollouts, the platform has evolved in providing dedicated Facebook Shops. and also Instagram Shops, for each of the networks respectively that mostly use the same platform in the backend. 

Instagram Shops are extremely valuable for Creators who sell their own products. It is probably the most innovative mobile and e-commerce solution that makes it easy for the sellers and also for the buyers to make a quick and secure purchase right on their mobile phones. 

Instagram rollout a global option allowing Creators to link Instagram shops not just with their brands business profile but also with their personal accounts in order to expand the reach of their product lines

Creators can use Bravado/UMG, Fanjoy, Represent, and Spring to make new product launches and excite their Instagram followers. This will be available at the end of the year. 


  1. Instagram Live Badges

These seem to be very similar to twitch donations for those of you familiar with that platform

Instagram badges are a feature that allows you to show support to creators during a live video. When you purchase a badge during a live video, a heart icon appears next to your name in the comments.

Once badges are purchased:

Badges will remain next to your name during that live.

Your hearts are highlighted in the comments field during that live.

Your Instagram name appears on a list visible to the creator of that live video for up to 90 days.

If you ask a question during that live, your question will be highlighted to the creator.

If you make a comment during that live chat, your comment may be pinned by the creator.

Also similar to this is Facebook live stars. These again your audience can send to you while you live stream For every Star you receive, Facebook will pay you $0.01 USD.

In the hope to boost interaction, Facebook is launching Stars Challenges. This allows Creators in the program to earn payouts from Facebook in the form of free Stars, if they meet certain milestones, such as broadcasting a certain number of hours or earning a set number of Stars within a designated time period

4. Waiving commission

Last but not least, Instagram has removed any commissions until the end of next year. ‘Products where users pay creators directly we are waiving all fees through the end of next year,”

… Which means, that once the year is over… you will be paying Instagram commissions. So yes, these new tools are very interesting and will probably be very beneficial to creators. But these new updates will be making Instagram more like a streaming platform, pay to play. These new updates will very likely skew the benefits towards pre-established creators 

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3 tips on how to come up with ideas to make reels (without dancing)

Jan 7, 2022 10:49:11 PM / by Byter Team posted in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation


Reels are a relatively new feature on instagram, installed on the platform in the middle of 2020. These 15-30 second video format was created to compete with the success of tiktok. Because of their relative newness to instagram has put a more user friendly algorithm on them. Meaning, if you make reels, instagram will show them to more people, instead of throttling the reach, like a standard post. So obviously,  you want to make reels… a lot. BUT! You aren’t a content creator! You have other stuff to do! How are you supposed to keep coming up with short video ideas regularly? Also, please don’t make me dance.

1-  One word: Audios

Because instagram reels is copying tiktok, when creators make a reel, the visual and the audio is separate. The audio can be shared, or reused by other creators. This is how you get trending audios. Instagram has also recently introduced a stitch feature, again imitating tiktok. This feature allows you to put your video next to a pre-existing video, allowing you to piggyback off other creators. 

So, the key to being able to churn out the reels is: save audios.

As you scroll through reels you will notice the same audios being used again and again, byt different content creators. This is called a trend, follow trends. As a small content creator all you have to do is save the audio and repeat the trend. You do not need to search up trends, simply scroll and if you notice an audio being used a lot save it. The interesting thing about a lot of these audios is that they are usually pretty self explanatory as to what you have to do visually. And before you panic, no, they are not all dancing.

If you save sufficient audios, all you then have to do is go to the saved audio section and scroll through and select an audio. If you lack inspiration, simply look at what other creators have done with that audio, and it will become very clear what you can do. This strategy allows you to create original content for your online presence 

2- timelapses 

A very simple idea for reels, if you are a creator of things, is timelapses. All you have to do is set up your phone, film yourself making an item or product, then speed it up. People are always fascinated by the process of making things. It is a very easy reel idea that should not interfere too much with your everyday work. You also do not need to do timelapses of your product, you could sit your phone in your office window and catch the street life below you. You could do a timelapse of your fingers typing on the laptop if you have a boring office job. Timelapses can be 

3- vlogs

Lastly, you know youtube vlogs. On youtube, these are usually over 10 minutes, and are very often high production value. But on reels you are limited to 15- 30 seconds. All you need is to take a few very short clips or photos of your day as you go, and at the end of the day string them together with a popular audio and tadahhh! Instant reel! You can do a voice over, or simply text, or text to speech. It is a growing phenomenon on TikTok, micro vlogs of a person’s day. It is very fast paced, very easy to make it look exciting, and you do not need to actually show all of yourself, or even talk to camera. if you are not able to film all throughout your day, you could simply capture specific moments that you think might look good, like if you went to get coffee, or went to a park over lunch, simply capture a 15 second shot of it

On instagram people want aesthetically pleasing videos. Instagram is the platform for impossible beauty standards, but also a shallow appearance of authenticity.  So keep in mind when you make your videos the word “aesthetic”. Put a good filter, film the most visually interesting part of your day. Catch a sun beam on your coffee mug. Zoom in on some flowers. But remember above all, the more you do them, even if they suck at first, you will end up being a genius at reels. 

What’s your favorite tip for content inspiration?

Good luck! And reel them in

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Content Marketing Explained

Jan 7, 2022 10:33:57 PM / by Byter Team posted in Marketing, Content Creation, Copywriting


Let’s be honest, the primary goal of marketing is to sell stuff. Today’s folk have adapted to the traditional marketing methods though, and nobody wants to feel like they’re being pushed to buy something. So how do you sell a product or service without acting like you’re trying to sell something? Enter content marketing. 

What is content marketing?

All marketing activities focused on producing and sharing relevant, valuable, consistent information to a clearly defined audience are classed as content marketing. 

Instead of blatantly pitching your product or service, content marketing enables you to express your expertise in a certain field and build an audience that is genuinely interested in the solution you are offering. 

Examples of content marketing

There are so many types of content marketing out there, here’s a list we created of the main ones:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • Slideshare presentations

We could go on, but we think you get the picture.

The importance of content marketing

Content marketing is giving away valuable information for free. Yes, that’s right, for free. You might be thinking that sounds a little counterintuitive when the ultimate goal is to make money, but here’s why it works.

Back in the day customers were less likely to question the expertise of a company, but today we have the internet. An endless stream of information and home to countless businesses offering the same products or services. You can judge companies by reading reviews, and you don’t have to stay local. If you want to buy a new coat you can have it delivered from across the globe, if you need a new car insurance deal you can find and compare hundreds in the click of a mouse. With so many options to choose from, customers are becoming increasingly critical in their decision making before they decide to buy something. Online researching before you commit to purchase is standard practise these days.

This is where content marketing comes in. A thorough content marketing strategy can help businesses compete by sharing their expertise and building trust in potential customers.

Here’s how it works

Say you’re currently redecorating your house. You’re trying to decide which tile to buy for your new bathroom, and so you hit Pinterest in the hope that by browsing hundreds of images of bathrooms you’ll stumble on the perfect bathroom inspo. As you’re browsing, you click on an image that takes your fancy. You’ve found it, the perfect tile. A white rectangular porcelain number. And what’s that link attached to the image? A link to a shop that sells these exact tiles…handy right? Well, that’s content marketing. This hypothetical bathroom tile business has used Pinterest as a platform to post free content of their products. 

The same company might also have a blog where they post weekly home DIY articles, an Instagram page full of beautiful eye-catching images and a Facebook page showcasing their customer testimonials. 

There are endless options when it comes to content marketing. If you’re struggling to figure out which kind of content will work best for targeting your perfect customer, check out our guide on how to create a top tier marketing plan.

Good luck!

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